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At the same time that the Coronavirus outbreak had just begun in China, the Society for Applied Microbiology was publishing an article called ‘A Germ’s Journey’ documenting how scientists , teachers and teacher educators worked together, sharing their knowledge freely world wide, to create a MESHguide knowledge map/research summary ( for teachers – to promote personal hygiene and cleanliness and stressing the importance of careful handwashing. The Germ’s Journey MESHguide reports on the use of interactive resources to teach children about microbiology, hand-hygiene and infection control. The guide demonstrates the need for education in this area, science for young children and how using an integratedRead More →

OECD TALIS research shows that no country is managing to keep teachers up-to-date in subject and pedagogic knowledge. Digital tools allow new solutions to intractable problems. The report from the Global Teacher Education Knowledge Mobilisation Summits, held in 2016/7 outlines a low cost ‘marginal gains’ strategy and Knowledge Management system for the education sector to resolve the problem of access to all, to the latest knowledge. All educators and organisations can contribute so collectively we can achieve UNESCO SDG 4 . The MESH system was presented at the UNESCO/ Teacher Task Force conference in Lome, Togo, September 2017 and as a result worldwide, voluntary partnershipsRead More →

VSO and MESH working together Extract from VSO publication: “We have embarked on a new partnership with MESH guides to support our Education in Emergencies work in Bangladesh. There are hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugee children living in camps in Bangladesh. They have experienced violence and ongoing trauma in some of the most crucial years of their lives. Yet most still lack safe spaces to learn and play. Together, we ae rolling out a home based early childhood care and education in emergencies programme (ECCE). This works with children aged 3-5 years. VSO has brought together leading education specialists to create an open-source guideRead More →