COVID-19 SUPPORT: VIRUS TRANSFER – Scientists, Teachers and Teacher Educators Work Together to Combat the Spread of Infection

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At the same time that the Coronavirus outbreak had just begun in China, the Society for Applied Microbiology was publishing an article called ‘A Germ’s Journey’ documenting how scientists , teachers and teacher educators worked together, sharing their knowledge freely world wide, to create a MESHguide knowledge map/research summary ( for teachers – to promote personal hygiene and cleanliness and stressing the importance of careful handwashing.

The Germ’s Journey MESHguide reports on the use of interactive resources to teach children about microbiology, hand-hygiene and infection control. The guide demonstrates the need for education in this area, science for young children and how using an integrated interactive approach with specifically designed educational resources can increase children’s understanding in this topic area.

The current outbreak of Coronavirus has sparked the need for a global response to virus containment and personal protection from catching the virus. Already, endless stories are being bounced around social media about how to protect yourself from catching this contagious disease, whilst at the heart of problem is the need to every single person to be more vigilant in washing their hands.

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A Germ’s Journey

‘A Germ’s Journey’ can be found at and the Germ’s Journey article on the Society for Applied Microbiology website –

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The MESHguide ‘Germ’s Journey’ containing freely available resources and research papers can be found at