The Management Structure is as follows:

1. The Charity Trustees

2. The International Advisory Board 

3. The Executive Board 

4. In-Country Groups and the MESHConnect Author network

5. The Chief Editorial Board and Subject/Theme Editorial Boards


1. The Charity Trustees

MESH is an initiative of the Education Futures Collaboration Charity (UK number 1157511) and is governed by Trustees:Jonnie Noakes, Stephen Hall, Sarah Younie, Mike Blamires,  Marilyn Leask. The charity  was  initially set up in 2012 by educators from 5 countries and international professional associations.

2. The International Advisory Board (including the Founder members)

The list of board members is here.

3. The Executive Board

As with professional associations and journal publishing,  MESH is managed by educators who volunteer to perform different roles. The Executive Board meets normally on Thursday mornings at 9.30am. Various sub-groups on web development, publicity and so on take forward particular aspects of the work.

The MESH Executive Board meets in a virtual meeting every week to review and plan progress.

The list of members is here.

4. In Country Groups and the MESHConnect Author network

To mobilise knowledge in different countries a participatory methodology is being used supported by the MESHConnect online groups  linking academics and practitioners across countries working on issues of mutual concern.

As well as the Founder Members and Trustees making up the International Board, the day to day work is undertaken by the Executive Board with Editorial Boards leading on specialist areas. There are hundreds of educators involved as volunteers: authors and those they consult, professional associations, research institutes.

There are many many authors and, supporting individual MESHGuides, there are editorial boards. See the A-Z authors for the list of individual authors.

5. The Chief Editorial Board and Editorial Boards

Chief Editorial Board: Jess Shuttleworth, Ecuador, is the Chief Web Editor and Professor Marilyn Leask is the Chief Content Editor.

 Editorial Boards: are groups of experts who oversee developments in one area. They may be called together for one project or may take long term responsibility for an area of knowledge.

Editorial Boards which have developed or are developing  MESHGuides in major areas include:

Computing and Digital Technologies: the Technology, Pedagogy and Education professional association

Deaf Education: the BATOD Foundation

Dyslexia: The Dyslexia Foundation

Early Years: a network of 40 educators from 10 countries developed the Early Childhood in Emergencies extensive MESHGuide.

Mathematics: an international network of Maths educators has formed and is seeking funding for a post-doctoral position to develop a comprehensive Mathematics MESHGuide.

Numeracy for All: a pilot of a Numeracy for All MESHGuide, focused on 6-7 year old learners is underdevelopment and an Editorial Board is being formed to oversee the work.

Music Education: Motje Wolf and Professor Sarah Younie, De Montfort University, UK

Physical Education: Mark Bowler, University of Bedfordshire, UK