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Five ways to support a pregnant or parenting girl to thrive in school

Infographics derived from research undertaken by the UK Girls Education Challenge using interviews with girls and project teams in Kenya (May 2022) forming Practice Brief 3 proposing Five ways to support a pregnant or parenting girl to thrive in school Full size infographics     

(ICET) 64th World Assembly 2022 Call for Papers

  The International Council on Education for Teaching 64th World Assembly 2022 Hosted by: The School of Education, Bath Spa University, Newton Park, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BN, United Kingdom THEME: Building Creative Global Teacher Education Communities Post-Pandemic: international research-based collaboration 1st ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS : DATES: 21-23 JUNE, 2022 VENUE: Newton Park Campus, Bath Spa University, UK ICET and the School of Education at Bath Spa University cordially invite educational researchers, practitioners and policy makers to submit abstracts/proposals for the ICET 64th World Assembly 2022. The Assembly, normally held each year, but this year postponed from 2019 due to the

Introducing RISE: Research-Informed School self-Evaluation

Research-informed practice has always been used in schools to improve practice but its implementation has varied widely in its consistency from school to school. More recently, there has been a push for research and evidence-based practice to be used much more frequently, consistently and widely in schools.  In fact, some schools or academies trusts now run their own research centres. Many school and academies have developed closer links with universities and research school networks to support evidence-based practice. With the recent demise of the research school networks in England, MESHGuides have recognised a need to support schools and academies in their use of research to

Info-graphic Summary of MESHguides International Activity

MESH Usage and Audiences

There have been 211,383 users viewing 462,856 pages of content between 2016 and 2020.

Educational Futures Charity/MESHGuides – COVID-19 pandemic – emergency response work from March-Nov 2020 International Partnerships:

1) EFC/MESHGUIDES Steering Committee has been leading a new international MESHGuide on Covid19 and managing education in a pandemic, for teachers globally (inc. info to combat fake news on coronavirus).

2) EFC/MESHGUIDES CEO and co-chairs ran regular weekly meetings with the MESHGUIDES International Council, across the UN regions, focusing on how different countries are managing their education sectors during COVID-19 pandemic (April-June).

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