Info-graphic Summary of MESHguides International Activity

MESH Usage and Audiences

There have been 211,383 users viewing 462,856 pages of content between 2016 and 2020.

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Educational Futures Charity/MESHGuides – COVID-19 pandemic – emergency response work from March-Nov 2020

International Partnerships

1) EFC/MESHGUIDES Steering Committee has been leading a new international MESHGuide on Covid19 and managing education in a pandemic, for teachers globally (inc. info to combat fake news on coronavirus).

2) EFC/MESHGUIDES CEO and co-chairs ran regular weekly meetings with the MESHGUIDES International Council, across the UN regions, focusing on how different countries are managing their education sectors during COVID-19 pandemic (April-June).

3) EFC/MESHGUIDES Steering Committee has also working with VSO and attending International Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) ‘Inclusive Education’ regular weekly meetings on how developing countries are managing education in the pandemic, collating good practice across low-income countries.

The information from the MESHGUIDES International Council & VSO meetings above has been written into a new COVID-19 book, chapter 21 for Routledge. Written by the S.Younie, M.Leask and S.Hall, co-chairs and members of MESHGUIDES Steering Committee, on education policy planning for COVID-19, published in the book: Education System Design: foundations, policy options and consequences (2020). Eds. Hudson, B., Leask, M. & Younie, S. Routledge

The EFC/MESHGUIDES Steering Committee has been asked by our partner from VSO, Purna Strestha, to provide feedback on the UNESCO International Teacher Task Force – COVID19 Policy Note on Guidance for school leaders and teachers for schools re-opening. Paris: UNESCO.

With VoicEd Canada Radio MESHGUIDES Steering Committee members have been doing a series of podcasts/radio programs for VoicEd on key COVID-19 issues.
The Truth About COVID-19’, Four-Part Radio program and Podcast Series,

Global Webinars on Education During Covid 19

Global Knowledge Management Summit no3 in collaboration with VSO
Engaging Marginalised Learners during the COVID 19 Pandemic: recording effective actions of teachers and community volunteers
12th May 2020
Engaging Marginalised Learners during the COVID 19 Pandemic: recording effective actions of teachers and community volunteers’.
x163 participants enrolled, x32 countries
Presentations followed by breakout room to run focus groups on teacher voice.
Attended by international delegates from across UN regions (inc LMICs)


International Council on Education for Teaching and MESHGUIDES
Teacher Experience and Practices in the time of Covid-19’.
8th October 2020 and 15th October 2020
A joint global webinar by the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET, and the MESHGUIDESGuides


Meshguides and the International Council on Education for Teaching
Report Published as a result of the global webinars: Teachers’ Experiences during Covid-19 .

Rohingya Children At school courtesy of VSO

Resultant Book: Ensuring schooling for all in times of crisis – Lessons from Covid-19 (in press). Leask, M. & Younie, S. Routledge

International Collaborations

International Literary and Music Forum
(Early Years Education Society – EYES UK
23rd May 2020 and second forum on 20
th June 2020. Director Purna Shrestha)
the MESHGUIDES CEO & Secretary were invited panel guests (x90 participants, global)

International Knowledge Mediation Research
BRIST project (Building a Research Infrastructure for Teachers) Erasmus is a European grant to help develop global citizens. Academics from the Education Futures Collaboration Charity, working on the MESHguides project, have joined forces with the University of Hull, to lead a three-year international project that will develop teachers’ research skills and networking practices.

The researchers have been awarded €439,137 of European funding for the project, which will develop teachers into teacher-researchers and evidence-informed practitioners through an innovative infrastructure. The budget is allocated for specific actions allocated to different partners in the project.