Resources for Educational Projects Dealing with the Psycho Social Aspects of COVID 19

This is a selection of resources reviewed by the VSO Task Group on Psycho Social Skills and Emotional Learning

Focus on Stress and Trauma
Helping Children Cope with Stress My Hero is You
A Poster on helping children cope with stress during covid A simple and direct poster with useful non technical advice for practitioners, teachers and parents. May be outdated in places as lock-down is not universal.. My Hero is You Storybook cover A story book that deals with children’s fears about this virus and what they can do to feel safe and have a connection with their world while they feel isolated. It also deals with people dying from the virus and why quarantine and lock-downs have been put in place,

“My Hero is You” should be read by a parent, caregiver or teacher alongside a child or a small group of children. It is not encouraged for children to read this book independently without the support of a parent, caregiver or teacher. The supplementary guide called “Actions for Heroes” (to be published later) offers support for addressing topics related to COVID-19, helping children manage feelings and emotions, as well as supplementary activities for children to do based on the book.”
PSS-SEL Training module Keeping Children Safe: International Child Safeguarding Standards
PPS through education in emergencies Very detailed programme to deliver BUT contains lots of paperwork and would require a facilitator.This module outlines 3 hours (180 minutes) of training activities and materials related to psychosocial support (PSS) and social and emotional learning (SEL) in emergency contexts. It includes supplementary activities to further understanding of PSS-SEL concepts, for an extended duration of 5 hours (270 minutes). The Facilitator Guide provides the materials, facilitator notes (including main ideas and activity instructions), and a suggested script for the accompanying presentation. Facilitators are encouraged to first review the Instructions prior to training, which provides guidance for contextualization of the training resources.
Downloadable Pdf resource 
Keeping Children Safe This guide sets out the International Child Safeguarding Standards, outlining the four core standards that have been designed to assist organisations to meet their responsibilities for safeguarding children. It provides an overview of what your organisation needs to do to meet the standards, help to create a plan for developing and implementing child safeguarding policies and procedures, as well as how to strengthen existing these.  This document is an authoritative document and deservedly requires a significant investment of time.

You can download PDF copies of the full document in English as well as in: FrenchSpanishArabic and Korean.
Access to play for Children in Situations of Crisis Play in Crisis Support for Parents and Carers
Access to play for children in situations of crisis cover This toolkit has been produced to support people and agencies working in crisis situations so that they are better able to understand and support children’s everyday play. It defines situations of crisis as humanitarian, natural and man-made disasters.
The toolkit aims to support everyday, community-based play opportunities for children in crisis situations. It hopes to bring about change at two levels:
• the practical application of children’s right to play for children in situations of crisis
• raised awareness of the right to play at a strategic level.
It is designed to:
• provide clear and concise information to individuals and organisations working with children and families in situations of crisis
• provide practical, step-by-step tools and templates for undertaking work linked to the provision of time, space, permission and materials for play
• be easy to print and photocopy so that it can be used to support activities in the field and for training and development.
IPA Play in Crisis Support for Parents and Carers This is a companion resource to ‘Access to play for children in Situations of crisis” in that it is aimed at parents and carers and provides clear advice and encouragement for parents and carers.

It deals with handling difficult emotions through play and how to respond to damaging, noisy or destructive play. There are suggestions for play inside and outside and play ideas when children cannot go outside. The language is clear and straightforward.
Focus on Teachers and Key Workers
Teacher Focused Social and Emotional Learning Training Sessions Covid19 24/7 Parenting
SELS resources for teachers It is specifically for teachers, it feels like it is part of a more comprehensive Teacher Professional Development as it often refers to other training the participants have received.  It is very interactive and engaging and will require a facilitator. 

Begins with a pseudo science entitled set of exercises  called ‘brain building’ but in reality this includes useful relaxation activities which then move on to the regulation of emotions.
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COVID19 and Parenting A comprehensive and easy to use resource aimed at parents and key-workers addressing a wide range of concerns arising from COVID 19 as a series of attractive info graphics.It is available in multiple languages. It can be used by a number of different audiences and includes links to other advice documents and evidence bases.
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