(ICET) 64th World Assembly 2022 Call for Papers

The International Council on Education for Teaching

64th World Assembly 2022

Hosted by: The School of Education, Bath Spa University, Newton Park, Newton St Loe, Bath, BA2 9BN, United Kingdom
THEME: Building Creative Global Teacher Education Communities Post-Pandemic: international research-based collaboration


VENUE: Newton Park Campus, Bath Spa University, UK


ICET and the School of Education at Bath Spa University cordially invite educational researchers, practitioners and policy makers to submit abstracts/proposals for the ICET 64th World Assembly 2022. The Assembly, normally held each year, but this year postponed from 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, welcomes scholars in the academic field of teacher education, representing views and research traditions from all parts of the world. The ICET World Assembly will take place in person in the historic and beautiful Newton Park Campus of Bath Spa University. Negotiations are ongoing for the possibility of limited virtual attendance and will be announced as soon as possible.

Call for Papers

The submission of abstracts is open to ICET members and non-members.

Oral paper presentations, symposia, posters and workshops are the formats of presentation at the ICET 2022 World Assembly.  Presentations within the following themes are invited for presentation at the conference:

Theme: Building Creative Global Teacher Education Communities Post-Pandemic: international research-based collaboration


  1. Research-informed teacher education:
    1. content of teacher education courses
    2. design of teacher education courses
    3. teacher educators as consumers of research
    4. teacher educators as producers of research
  2. Digital technologies in teacher education (in collaboration with Mirandanet Fellowship, Naace, TPEA and MESHGuides
  3. Mentoring and coaching in teacher education
  4. Creative education of teachers for:
    1. early years
    2. primary
    3. secondary
    4. further/adult education
    5. higher education
  5. Education for Sustainable Development (Caribbean Network for ESD)
  6. Educational Policy

Guidelines and instructions:

Prospective participants are invited to submit abstracts of 300-500 words for one of the following presentation formats:

  1. Original papers: oral presentation
  2. Symposium papers: a series of 3+ papers with specific reference to one of the themes
  3. Posters
  4. Workshops

Please find a copy of the relevant form here. Only abstracts submitted on the prescribed form will be considered. These should be sent by email attachment to icet2022@bathspa.ac.uk.

There will be an opportunity to publish full papers in a series of journal special issues, linked to three of the sub-themes of the conference. Articles should comply with the advice and guidance below and meet the deadline for receipt in order to proceed through the double blind refereeing process. There will be further publishing opportunities for refereed articles that have not been selected for the special issues. Further information will be made available as soon as possible.

 Submission Deadlines

Abstracts: 25th March, 2022

Acknowledgement of receipt of all abstracts:  within three working days of the abstract having been received, an email will be sent to acknowledge receipt. The corresponding author will be provided with an abstract number that should be stated in all further correspondence.

Abstracts will be considered on a continual basis.

Keynote Speakers

Associate Professor Trevor Mutton (Department of Education, University of Oxford, UK)

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