The Education Futures Collaboration is proud to have the following distinguished people who endorse our work:

Teachers no longer need convincing that they need to keep up with research into what works and lots of clues to that come from practising and reflective teachers. MESH and digital networking bids fair to make that a reality for every teacher.

Professor Sir Tim Brighouse, previously Schools Commissioner for London, UK

We are all part of a global community and we need a focal point for a global network of learners so we can develop, compare and validate our professional knowledge. The only way to keep improving is to share our knowledge. MESH and the EdComms networking provides us with the infrastructure to do that.

Mike Berrill, in his role as Executive Principal, Biddenham Campus Trust, UK

As new networks develop through social media and across academy groups, keen educators are sharing and exploring their collective knowledge nationally and internationally. Connecting them into academic research through a digital platform starts to break down the divide between academia and practice. Using technologies to connect researchers in schools, academics and universities provides opportunity for genuine collaboration and has the potential to accelerate improvement by making evidence about ‘what works’ readily available.

Rachel Jones, in her role as Education Director, Elliot Foundation Multi-Academy Trust, UK

MESH has the potential to be a most valuable resource for the teaching procession allowing teachers to access and contribute to the research and evidence base underpinning practice.

Brian Lightman, in his role as General Secretary of the Association of School & College Leaders, UK

The proposal to create an online community of practice that integrates discussion, evidence-based research and practical issues is to be welcomed.

Sonia Blandford, in her role as Founder and CEO, Achievement for All

I think that it is important for education research to look outside its own field at professional practice in translating research into wide spread take up. Medicine is one area that has a strong set of procedures for documenting evidence and a culture of dissemination of new knowledge. Adopting these approached could change the status of education research and impact on the experience of education for pupils, teachers and policy makers.

Chris Yapp, Futurist