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A Snapshot is an executive  summary of how MESHGuides have been used in practice. This aims to highlight their context and outcomes. It  explores real and potential benefits resulting from collaboration with MESH, connectivity to other issues and potential for use by others in schools and other educational contexts.

Snapshots are Case Studies that emphasis the  benefits of working with MESH.

This would be an ideal way to focus attention in a summary document to show the impact of MESHGuides on policy and practice in key areas around the world as a framework for dissemination and valorisation of the impact of MESH’s work and influence.

The benefit of the online version of each Snapshot case study will be to ‘bring MESHGuides to life’ and inspire their use elsewhere in other situations or scenarios. Transferability of ideas and impact could be a key message of both printed Snapshot case studies and their online counterparts.

Snapshots of Case Studies to emphasis benefits of working with MESH (maximum 2 sides of A4).

Writing style: Immediate and clear avoiding jargon.

Title: The title should address a question or problem.

Providing enough information about the setting for a teacher or researcher to understand the setting in terms of socio economic setting, location, type of educational institution, characteristics of the learners.

It should try to be immediately or easily transferable and relevant to anyone with contact with children.

This Snapshot can be brought alive in an online version with the inclusion of video clips on the MESHGuides website.

Quotes from relevant parties e.g. children, family members, community representatives e.g.  “I have found that…. ” , “We notice that…”

Quotes from the practitioners “ I have changed the way…” “ It has made me  more….”

Relevant area(s) of research/education: A list of related areas  of research in education.

Keywords: e.g. Early years education, inclusion

Images: Include relevant image/s of the situation that the MESHGuide focuses on.

Background information: Summary of the situation that the MESHGuide targets.


Direct benefits/How MESHGuides have ‘come alive’ in this project:

Indirect benefits/Unexpected or connected issues/impact that this project has provoked:

Other linked MESHGuides:
Other MESHguides that might be relevant:

Questions that someone might want to consider in response to reading a Snapshot:

Using the ideas in this Snapshot to make connections with issues/priorities within my own setting

How is what I have read within this Snapshot similar or different to what happens within my setting?

How might I adapt the ideas in this Snapshot case study to use and apply something similar within my own setting?

How might we use MESHGuides in my own setting to support, inform and develop these ideas?

What other research or evidence would be helpful to develop and extend these ideas?

Have a go at writing a SnapShot